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"I have felt so immensely proud to be part of your staff at Kiwanis Care Centre"


Above photo: Kiwanis Care Centre.

Over the past three months, I have felt so immensely proud to be part of your staff at Kiwanis Care Centre. From my first moments of entering your facility, I felt welcomed with open arms and accepted by all. Of my time at Kiwanis Care Centre, I had the opportunity to walk amongst the staff and residents and felt a part of the community. Through this acceptance, the level of confidence I had in myself rose and I was able to carve out a role of my own within the facility and residents' care. The learning I have done has been vast and holistic. I credit that to you and your team.

These past three months have been very pivotal in creating a foundation to my social work practice. I have had a wide breadth of interactions with residents, families, and staff, which has prepared me well to enter society as a full-fledged social worker. I know these are the times I will look back on and reflect fondly of how my social work career started.

Throughout the past three months, not only did I have the opportunity to work closely with individuals, I was also able to examine how KCC plays a larger role within the health care system. Sitting and consulting with the interdisciplinary team has allowed me to see how there are greater systems at play at KCC and felt privileged to have witnessed such vulnerability and authenticity in the issues that impact staff, residents, and residents' care. This unique experience has allowed me to see and identify the inequity within established systems such as health care. I know that I will be keeping this close with me both to be aware and to better advocate for change.

Thank you for all your work that you do to keep Kiwanis Care Centre the way it is - home. It is difficult to say my farewells to everyone here because of how I have felt at home at KCC every Tuesday and Friday. I thank you for ensuring that everyone is well looked after and that a positive living community has been fostered. Although residential care is not 'attractive' to all people, it will always have a special place in my heart because of the impacts it has had on my personal and professional growth. I hope for our paths to cross again in the future, but until then, I wish you the absolute best.


Benita Yi
Social Work Practicum Student

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