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“I love that I live and work in my own community”

Jill, Occupational Therapist, Evergreen Community Health Centre

While working as a community health worker for a non-profit organization, Jill was inspired by one of her clients to pursue occupational therapy. “When I was working as a community health worker, I had a client with a brain injury who was very inspirational to me, and he inspired me to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Now, 10 years later, I am his occupational therapist. Talk about full circle!" says Jill, Occupational Therapist at Evergreen Community Health Centre.

Jill enjoys the flexibility of her work and she loves serving people in their own homes. "I love that I live and work in my own community!" She applied for her role because she was ready for a change from working in the hospital. "I heard really great things about working in the Community and it seemed like a natural progression in my career."


Occupational Therapists at Evergreen Community Health Centre

Jill feels extremely supported by her immediate colleagues and her fellow front-line clinicians. They back each other up, discuss tough cases and even go on joint visits when the opportunity is right. "We are a very tightly knit group and we 'get' each other. We do social things together after work and we know how to have fun at work!" shares Jill.

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