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If you could improve one thing [VIDEO]


The future of clinical care is coming to VCH-Vancouver.

Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) will go live at Providence Health Care on November 16. PHSA's Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction will follow on December 8.

Each activation will bring us closer to Vancouver's CST go-live in mid-2020, and smarter, seamless patient care across the health care system.

How we'll improve health care with CST 

If you could improve one thing about the way we deliver care, what would that be? 

We asked people from across our health system that very important question. Watch the video below to learn how they answered — and how CST will answer their hope for a better future.


Learn more about CST in VCH-Vancouver

VCH-Vancouver CST website  

​VCH-Vancouver CST Forum webcast: Better Together (April 11, 2019)​ ​

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