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In praise of courage and compassion


2019 Gert Vorsteher Award winners (l to r): Danielle Linfoot, Daniel Duffy, Walid Huseini, Kathryn Simpson and George Astrakianakis.

​The annual BC Rehab Gert Vorsteher (GV) Awards​ were presented to five outstanding people on May 15. The inspiring recipients faced life-changing injuries and demonstrated courage and perseverance in regaining their personal independence — with the support of our GF Strong team.

All GV Award winners are generous with their praise for the care and compassion of the GF Strong team and offer words of advice for clients now in their care. Here's what some of this year's winners have to say:

Danielle Linfoot

Danielle Linfoot had been hospitalized for eight months by the time she came to GF Strong; she had suffered amputation to all four limbs due to sepsis.

“I'd only been out of bed for one hour each day during my hospitalization, and I wasn't in a good space," she recalls. “But the staff at GF Strong were great. They didn't force me to do things, but they were so encouraging that I wanted to do what they asked. They made me feel like I could do everything. And they helped me put things in perspective. They became family."

Advice for GFS clients: “Take advantage of everything GF Strong has to offer; don't waste the opportunity."

Daniel Duffy

Daniel Duffy arrived at GF Strong in January 2016 following a spinal cord injury sustained during a vacation in Mexico. 

“It was a life-changing event but some of the biggest changes in my life came from talking to the team at GF Strong," says Daniel, who was introduced to wheelchair rugby while at the centre. “The staff definitely care about their patients and I still talk with some of them."

Advice for GFS clients: “Rehab doesn't stop after you leave GF Strong; there's always more you can do."

Kathryn Simpson

Kathryn Simpson was 35 weeks pregnant and teaching her Grade 6 class when a stroke changed her life. 

She began her recovery journey at GF Strong with incredible focus and determination despite being separated from her baby who was hospitalized for meningitis.

“My time at the centre completely changed my life," she says. “I am so grateful to the staff. GF Strong became my home and the staff became like family. They picked me up and put me back together. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by how much my life has changed, I remember to have attitude of gratitude."

​Advice for GFS clients: “Tap into the strength that you probably never knew before that you have," advises Kathryn. “You're in the best hands possible."

2019 GV Memorial Award winners

Please join the GF Strong team in congratulating this year's GV Memorial Award winners:

  • George Astrakianakis 

  • Daniel Duffy

  • Walid Huseini

  • Danielle Linfoot

  • Kathryn Simpson  

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