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It runs in the family


Carleen and Carmel Currie.

It's not every day that you meet someone who works in the same workplace as their mom, but for Carmel and Carleen Currie, it seems that a career in healthcare runs in the family.

Working as an OR Clinical Purchasing Secretary, Carmel would always hear about what a great career nursing was from students that would come through the doors of Richmond Hospital. So, when it came time for her daughter Carleen to apply to post-secondary programs, she had no qualms in suggesting nursing as a great career choice.

“My mom would repeatedly tell me of how coworkers would tell her that nursing is an excellent career in which I would feel rewarded and would be able to take my skills anywhere in the world," remembers Carleen. “Once I was in nursing school I discovered that this was all true! And although nursing can be very challenging at times, it's the right fit for me."

After hearing so many great things about Richmond, Carleen applied as an RN after graduation a began working on 4 North and then transferred over to the PACU.

“I think that my mom's reputation in the periop area helped me to get this opportunity. Everyone knew her and the standard of work she produced and so, they expected the same from me," says Carleen. But as any good mom, Carmel soon switched roles so her daughter could settle in better. “I wanted her to be able to join a new work group without her Mom hanging over her shoulder," she jokes.

Although the mother-daughter duo don't carpool together, they both admit there's a benefit to having someone in the family that understands the daily work.

“Most friends and family don't understand health care and nursing in the way we do," says Carleen. “We're able to have many of the same experiences, just from different perspectives," adds Carmel.

And the pair will soon be able to swap stories with another family member—Carleen's cousin who recently began working full time at Richmond Hospital as well! Needless to say, the Curries highly recommend Vancouver Coastal Health as a great place to work.

“I would definitely recommend Richmond Hospital as a place to work," says Carleen. “It's where I gained my confidence as an RN and I love how all staff treat each other as family."

“It's a great hospital to work at," says Carmel. “Small enough to have the family/community feel but large enough to provide a wide variety of care."

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