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It runs in the family


They say that from a very early age, children learn to mimic the behaviours of those around them. For Hannah Greenway, the impact of having two nurses as parents, sharing stories around the dinner table and hearing about the impact they both made every day when they went to work, was a big reason why she decided to work in health care.

“I always loved the caring aspect of my parent's job and the impact they get to make on people's lives every day," says Hannah, a rehabilitation assistant and entrance screener at Richmond Hospital. Since she isn't a fan of blood and needles, her dad Norm Greenway, Quality and Patient Safety Leader, suggested rehabilitation as a health-care career path.

Today, Norm and Hannah get to work together at Richmond Hospital — an experience they both agree has been special in many ways.

“I was 37 when Hannah was born, so I assumed I'd be retired by the time she entered the workforce," says Norm. “To see first-hand as she works in her first 'adult' job has been an incredible gift."

“I love getting to work with my dad," says Hannah. “Richmond Hospital has been a special place for me since my dad has worked there for so long. Everyone knows him and loves him."

Both Norm and Hannah have also been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic — Norm providing invaluable infection control support to both acute and community sites, and Hannah working as an entrance screener at Richmond Hospital. They both agree that the shared experience has only brought them closer.

“We've always been close, but this shared experience — something unprecedented in our lifetimes, has been amazing. Her courage has been inspiring," Norm says.

Hannah, who was in her practicum when the outbreak was declared at Richmond Hospital last November, says she has never been more proud of her parents.

“I have been so impressed with how much both my parents have stepped up to make sure the hospital is safe for everyone," she says. “It was a little scary at first knowing they could get sick, but I have the bravest dad and mom."

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