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Let’s go to the spa!


Think about your bathroom—what words would you use to describe it? Calming, private, a retreat perhaps?

This is the environment we're trying to create for residents at Minoru with our bathing room upgrades. After commissioning an Assisted Bathing Room Upgrade Report last year examining our 10 existing bathing rooms at Minoru, phase one of our renovations is now underway.

 “The update report highlighted the need for some major redesign and renovations in our bathing rooms at Minoru," says Deborah Lorimer, Regional Residential Care Rejuvenation Leader, adding that while aesthetics of the bathing rooms need upgrading, they also need to be designed so that caregivers can easily and safely assist residents in bathing in a way that both protects the resident's dignity and promotes independence.

The report provided an assessment of the architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems in the rooms, as well as the cost impact of any renovations, including aesthetic improvements such as updated paint, flooring, window treatments and wall protection. This year, the scope of the project was revised explore major redesign and equipment replacement that will meet current best practices, licensing considerations, VCH 2018 Design guidelines, enhance the resident experience, and improve staff safety.

Some of the design and functional updates the bathing room upgrades will include:

  • Raised, standing ultrasonic therapeutic tubs with lifts or side entrance, with access on three sides

  • Dedicated shower space with non-slip grab bars that can facilitate residents in both shower chairs and stretcher lifts

  • Ceiling lift system with full room coverage

  • Accessible toilet with grab bars and sufficient room on three sides for resident assistance

  • Space will be designed to be non-institutional and spa-like

  • Non slip and non-glare floor surfaces

  • Sufficient storage spaces for supplies

  • Towel warming and heat lamps for resident comfort

“Bathing residents is an extremely personal process and is often a very anxious time for both the resident and the staff," says director, Natalie McCarthy. “By improving the environment and providing a destination that invokes comfort and safety, we can help relieve some of the anxiety and promote instead a sense of well-being, dignity, and respect."

Phase one begins

construction 2.png
In July, renovation work began for phase one of the project. To date, work has included area prep, room demolition, coring and concrete floor work, as well as plumbing and electrical work. Next, the teams will work on wall cover installation, millwork and counter installation, tub installation, plumbing and electrical, and final room finishes. We anticipate the first bathing rooms will be ready in early December.

“The frontline staff have been instrumental in supporting our residents and families through this construction work as it required them to change their existing processes for bathing due to the ceiling lift bathing rooms undergoing construction first," says Minoru Residence manager, Nicky Dhugga.  “They worked as an amazing collaborative team reorganizing the bathing schedules by increasing baths in the evening and transporting residents across units & floors to ensure there was not impact to our residents bathing routine. Everyone has been very supportive throughout this process and moving into construction." ​​

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