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Measles confirmed in Vancouver


We have confirmed one case of measles in Vancouver.

We received the confirmation from the lab Thursday evening (February 7). By this time, the patient  was no longer in the contagious period.

We have alerted local family doctors to keep an eye out for patients showing symptoms. If you have a fever & rash, isolate yourself by staying home and visit your doctor. Before going, call your doctor's office so that they can take precautions. Please also call VCH Public Health at 1 (855) 675-3900 during regular business hours, and ask for the nurse on call, to report your illness.

What are the symptoms of measles?

  • Fever

  • Red eyes, which may be sensitive to light

  • Cough

  • A runny nose

  • Rash

More info

For more information such as who should get immunized, where to get immunized, and how measles is treated, visit our measles page

Measles in other areas

The case of measles here is unlikely to be connected to the Washington and European outbreaks. 

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