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Meet UBC Hospital’s new Medical Site Leader


Photo: Dr. Henderson, UBC Hospital’s new Medical Site Leader, has a doctorate in physiology and works as a specialist in intensive care medicine at VGH when he’s not at UBCH.

Dr. William Henderson — Bill to his colleagues and friends — began working at UBC Hospital (UBCH) two years ago. The experience was an eye-opener. 

“I was pleasantly surprised to find such well-developed programs,” he says. “I don’t think it’s widely recognized that UBC Hospital provides world-leading surgical care.”

At the time, he served as clinical lead for the opening of UBCH’s High Acuity Unit. Today, Dr. Henderson includes the title of UBCH Medical Site Leader after his name. 

VCH News met with Dr. Henderson to ask him about his new role, his vision for UBCH and the UBCH Renewal Project transforming the little hospital that could — and does — deliver world-class surgical outcomes

VCH News: What do you aim to achieve as UBCH’s Medical Site Leader? 
Dr. Henderson: As Medical Site Leader I’m responsible for quality hospital-wide. My goal is to build on our strengths and establish UBC Hospital as a “test lab” for new processes and patient-centred care models that could be adopted at other VCH sites. A lot of innovative work already happens here and I see opportunities to formalize and leverage these efforts using real-time data.

VCH News:  What is your role in the UBCH Renewal Project? 
Dr. Henderson: I provide input on the hospital’s projected clinical needs, and I have and will continue to play a role in design and renovation discussions. I’m also responsible for ensuring the hospital’s physicians have a voice at the table and are kept informed. Physicians can expect more opportunities to engage as we move into Phase 2 and begin construction of the new inpatient units. 

VCH News:  Why is the UBCH Renewal Project important? 
Dr. Henderson: This project is about more than renos. It’s essential to establishing an integrated and efficient surgical program across Vancouver Acute. It will provide the infrastructure and clinical spaces to accommodate higher acuity patients and surgical cases previously conducted at VGH. Patients will have more timely access to surgery in Vancouver as a result. And, if their surgery is scheduled at UBC Hospital, they’ll receive care in a more patient- and family-centred environment. 

VCH News: The UBCH Renewal Project enters Phase 2 this fall. What do you look forward to most? 
  Dr. Henderson: When complete, you won’t recognize our inpatient units. All units will be brighter, safer and immensely more comfortable and functional spaces for patients, families and staff. What I look forward to most are the new Surgical Short Stay Unit, designed for early patient mobility, and the new High Acuity Unit. 

VCH News: What would you like your colleagues to know at UBC Hospital? 
Dr. Henderson: UBC Hospital does a world-class job in the care of short-stay surgical patients. Our length-of-stay and outcome measures are among the best, and we train physicians from around the world. UBC Hospital is an unrecognized gem and I hope to bring it to light.
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