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New Nurse Practitioner for Musqueam community

Angela Remocker, the new VCH Nurse Practitioner (NP) for Vancouver’s local Musqueam community, is excited about the difference her job will make in providing full-service primary care to clients who don’t otherwise have a family physician or who come into the new clinic with an urgent/same day health concern.
“I’ve always held the belief that the ability to bring care to communities is essential to the health of that community,” says Angela. “Since the clinic opened its doors in early January, most of the clients I see are individuals with chronic conditions who wouldn’t otherwise seek out care for their health concerns.”

Improving relationships in the community

She goes on to say that it’s still too early to measure the significance of the clinic on the community’s overall health, however, being located within the heart of the Musqueam community at their Elder’s Centre has already led to a big difference in the follow-up and continuity of the clients she’s seen.
“Some of my clients’ conditions have huge potential implications for their health and well-being. Having that one-on-one time to spend on developing relationships is immeasurable in terms of identifying and addressing clients’ current and future health care needs and hopefully avoiding more serious outcomes, like trips to the ED, if left untreated.”
On average, approximately four to eight clients a day visit the clinic held three days per week, with little to no no-show rates suggesting a strong commitment by clients to care outcomes.

Improving access to care

The demonstrated need and subsequent placement of a Nurse Practitioner at Musqueam came about through a partnership between VCH and Musqueam leaders.
Coreen Paul, Health Program Manager for Musqueam, says, “There was a need identified in the community to have onsite, primary care services. We worked with VCH to submit a proposal for a Nurse Practitioner and the results are starting to be seen.  The community response to the NP and clinic has been overwhelmingly positive and we are looking forward to continuing our strong partnership with VCH and Angela, in the process adding to our commitment to promote optimal health within our community.”
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