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Occupational Therapy Month: Recognizing the Contribution of Student Fieldwork Educators


Denise Kendrick, Occupational Therapist

October is Occupational Therapy (OT) Month. In this profile we would like to recognize the contribution of student fieldwork educators to Vancouver Coastal Health and to the profession of occupational therapy.

Exposure to our clinical programs can be an effective recruitment strategy to attract graduating occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants to come to work at VCH.  However, fieldwork education requires a partnership between fieldwork educators and students to prepare for the demands of practice and to support graduation.  By providing practical experience and exposure to our programs we are investing in our future colleagues.

Each year we make a call out for fieldwork placements, shadow opportunities, and clinic visits and each year occupational therapists generously extend offers to support student learning. Richelle Emery, OT Practice Coordinator for Vancouver Home Health, highlighted that even “though VC (Vancouver Community)  is currently going through huge changes, is dealing with many staff shortages and has an increasing workload, the OTs automatically offer to preceptor OT and RA student placements. I believe that VC OT value student education and see the benefit of the unique practice setting they work in."

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Fieldwork Educator Award of Excellence

 This year the University of British Columbia acknowledged the contribution of a VCH occupational therapist, Denise Kendrick, by awarding her the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Fieldwork Educator Award of Excellence. This award recognizes exceptional practice teaching and student mentoring in the workplace. The nominator wrote:

 “Denise's ability to create a safe space for learning not only supports the development of clinical reasoning and practice skills, but fosters confidence and self-compassion as students move through the often-challenging journey of becoming occupational therapists…The profession of Occupational Therapy is richer due to her commitment to clinical education."

 Supporting Student Learning

We are grateful for the passion and commitment to student learning and would like to acknowledge all the occupational therapists who provided a student placement this past year:

Alissa Paul

Amanda Ho

Anastasia Wong

Andrea Harowitz

Andy AuYoung

Anica Villamayor

Annie Wilson

Britanny Guile

Brook Rak

Calen Crate

Carmina Tang

Carol Goodwin

Carola Wiehr

Chelsea Wong

Chris Stellar

Cindy Larden

Claire Parker

Dan Han

Deb Rootman

Debbie Scott-Kerr

Denise Kendrick

Domencia Knezy

Elaine Au

Eleanor Bates

Emily Malone

Fahrine Harji

Filnor Samonte

Fiona Stevenson

Frieda Neudorf-Chu

Gill Walker

Heather Whitlock

Holly Hergesheimer

Holly Parsons

Isobel Mills

Jacklin Hoole

Jana McJannet

Jaralyn Grant

Jeanne Yiu

Jennifer Mathieson

Jennifer Weyman

Jessica Conti

Jessica Koop

Jill Wong

Jobb Cobb

Kathrene McKinnell

Kobra Katebi

Kristy Inouye

Laura Greenwood

Lianne Palminrose

Lisa Kristalovich

Lydia Gist

Lynda Kingsley

Mara Nalewajek

Marietta Tang

Megan Hunter


Megan Perry

Melanie Miller

Melissa Maron

Melody Chan

Minnie Teng

Nancy Forseth

Narges Adab

Negah Mortazavi

Rishma Dhalla

Rosa Jafari

Rosalyn Culos

Sarah Mills

Shagufta Khursheed

Sharon Liang

Shelley Meuleman

Staci Kalmek

Stephanie Bates

Stephen Wong

Sue Barlow

Susan Louie

Talia Gonzalez-Rangel

Tara Cairo

Tianna Baker

Trish Mahoney

Vanessa Sturdy

Viara Nikolova

Wendy Thompson​

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