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Overdose statistics - April 2020


Fatal overdoses

According to the BC Coroners Service, in March 2020, 113 died from an overdose across BC, including 27 people in the VCH region.

Overdoses seen at Emergency

In April 2020 there were 331 overdoses seen at nine VCH Emergency Departments. The majority of overdoses occurred in males (76%) and in people aged 19 to 39 years (54%).

Supervised Consumption and Overdose Prevention Sites 


In April 2020, there were 4,659 visits to the supervised injection room. Among those, 67 overdoses were reversed. 

Powell Street Getaway 

In April 2020, there were 3,600 visits to the supervised injection room. Among those, seven overdoses were reversed.  

Overdose Prevention Sites

In April 2020, there were 12,923 visits to all supervised injection rooms. Among those, 89 overdoses were reversed. 

Drug Checking

In April 2020, 243 drug checks were performed and 55% of substances tested contained fentanyl.

What's happening

  • In March and April 2020 VCH OD Response shifted to meet the demands of the COVID-19 Pandemic. VCH would like to thank all Frontline workers and VCH staff for their on-going work and support during this crisis. As a result of COVID-19 response, a new website with up to date policies, protocols and procedures to be following during this time are shared on this website: This includes access to resources and guidelines for VCH staff, clients and the community at this time.

  • Safe Supply Guidelines were also announced during this time which has allowed many people access to a regular safe supply in the DTES.

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