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Overdose statistics - January 2018

Heatley exam room

In the image: Heatley Community Health Centre brings together existing programs and services so clients get the care they need at one location. 

Fatal overdoses

According to the BC Coroners Service, from January 1 to December 31, 2017 there were 1,422 suspected overdose (OD) deaths due to illicit drug use across BC. 424 of the deaths occurred in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, including 358 in Vancouver, 24 in Richmond and 42 in Coastal Region.

Overdoses seen at Emergency

In January 2018 there were 603 overdoses seen at nine VCH Emergency Departments. This is 8% less compared to January 2017 (658 overdoses).

Supervised Consumption and Overdose Prevention Sites 


In January 2018, there were 10,093 visits to the supervised injection room. Among those, 83 overdoses were reversed.  The year before, in January 2017, there were 11,157 visits and 178 overdoses reversed.

Powell Street Getaway 

In January 2018, there were 1,650 visits to the supervised injection room. Among those, 12 overdoses were reversed.  

Overdose Prevention Sites

In January 2018, there were 22,570 visits to the supervised injection rooms. Among those, 142 overdoses were reversed. The year before, in January 2017, there were 10,734 visits and 92 overdoses reversed.

What's happening

Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care are extremely concerned about the high number of overdoses and overdose deaths in our region and throughout the province and continue to take steps to respond. VCH & PHC and its partners are taking a number of steps to reduce opioid/fentanyl-related overdoses, including new actions this month:

  • Launched a new model of care and the opening of Heatley Community Health Centre Integration, both of which will help better serve clients. Read the full announcement.

  • Opened low-barrier injectable opioid agonist therapy (iOAT) program at the Molson, co-located with the Overdose Prevention Site, with capacity for 30 clients. The program allows clients to self-refer and restart their iOAT titration without seeing a physician or without attending another clinic

  • Held 13 trainings on overdose prevention and administering naloxone

  • Sent 4 RADAR alerts regarding bad batches of drugs 

  • Partnered with Culture Saves Lives to hold Saa-ust shqalawin (Lifting up the Hearts and Minds) Indigenous Feast

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