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Public Wi-Fi now available in the Jim Pattison & Leon Judah Blackmore Pavilions


Vancouver Coastal Health is pleased to have partnered with Datavalet to offer a new public Wi-Fi service at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) for patients and visitors. Public Wi-Fi is now available in the Jim Pattison and Leon Judah Blackmore Pavilions. The new Wi-Fi service will continue to expand across the VGH campus gradually from now until the fall. 

What the new Wi-Fi means to our patients & their families  

Patients, their families and visitors to our facilities will be able to access free public Wi-Fi for basic internet browsing. They can also purchase premium public Wi-Fi for streaming videos, music, and gaming. Connecting to public Wi-Fi is quick and easy. In fact, it’s similar to how you connect to Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or at the airport! 

To get connected: 

  1.  Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings to view a list of available Wi-Fi networks. 
  2. Select the Public Wi-Fi network.
  3.  Open your internet browser. You’ll be taken to a Welcome page.
  4.  Select the service you want (BASIC or PREMIUM) and follow the instructions.
  5.  Once connected, you’ll be taken to a landing page. You can continue to browse the internet from there.

For more information, please view ourPublic Wi-Fi FAQ brochure.

Public Wi-Fi posters and brochures containing tips and support information are available around the Jim Pattison and Leon Judah Blackmore Pavilions, including at the CIBC Family Resource Centre, Information Desk, elevators, cafeteria, waiting areas and around units. 

Contact Datavalet for public Wi-Fi support

Patients, families, and visitors requiring support with public Wi-Fi should call Datavalet Customer Support directly at 1-844-940-5123. Please note that VGH staff are not able to help with issues related to public Wi-Fi access and billing.

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