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Raw oyster warning


A warning for anyone who eats raw oysters.

About 40 people have come down with a serious stomach illness since March, associated with eating raw BC oysters.

All of the people reported consuming raw BC oysters. Lab testing has confirmed the presence of norovirus in some of the cases and it is suspected in the others.

How to cook oysters

To kill norovirus and other germs it is recommended to cook oysters thoroughly, to an internal temperature of 90 degrees Celsius for 90 seconds.

Consumption of raw oysters is not encouraged.

Why are people getting sick?

The federal authorities have closed two oyster farms implicated in the outbreak.

While the exact sources have not yet been identified, human sewage in the marine environment is currently believed to be the most plausible cause of shellfish contamination.


If you have diarrhea and vomiting after eating shellfish call BC HealthLink at 811.

If symptoms are severe or persist, go see your doctor or visit a walk-in clinic.

Report your illness

Oyster-related illness can be reported for investigation by calling (604) 675-3800.

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