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Richmond Youth Media Program – Youth-led program develops media art skills


Vancouver Coastal Health supports over 60 organizations through long-term, core funding streams, SMART and CFAI. One of our SMART-funded programs, the Richmond Youth Media Program, is engaging youth in their community through the development of media arts skills.  

The Richmond Youth Media Program is a welcoming community where youth can combine creativity with education and friendship. Learn about how the Richmond Youth Media Program supports youth in developing media art skills through adult and peer mentorships that enrich youth's sense of self and their connection to community.

This video was created by members of the Richmond Youth Media Program for Vancouver Coastal Health Community Investments in 2018.

Youth with a wide range of interests participate in the Richmond Youth Media Program (RYMP) to enhance their media literacy skills, access video arts resources, and augment their learning. The Richmond Media Lab offers the space, tools and expert guidance to support youth with their personal projects and connects program members to opportunities to use their skills in a professional context. Through RYMP, youth develop communication and leadership skills as well as social support networks and community connections. Youth gain new perspectives and confidence through positive relationships with their peers, role model adults and experienced people in their field of interest, fostering their potential as contributors to their community. RYMP participants value education, curiosity and collaboration as they support one another to build their knowledge and explore new possibilities.

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In developing the capacity of youth in Richmond, Richmond Youth Media Program facilitates community connections that contribute to a vibrant community. 

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