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Share the Light

Share the light

It has been ten months since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. We're deep in the second wave; COVID-19 case numbers and restrictions are rising and COVID fatigue is setting in. And yet there are glimmers of light all around us – like news of the COVID-19 vaccine and the acts of kindness and support we see amongst our neighbours and health care workers. 

We have all experienced the uplifting effect of the 7 p.m. cheer at the start of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, a little extra cheer would go a long way.

Vancouver Coastal Health has teamed up with Rory Richards – the Vancouver resident who started the 7 p.m. cheer – and have come up with an idea to winterize the initiative to spread light with our family, core bubble, neighbours and greater community throughout the darkest time of the year.

Together, we'd like to invite you to fill the night sky with beams and flickers of light at 7 p.m., reminding us all that we are all in this pandemic together and that brighter days are ahead of us.

Head to your window at 7 p.m. and create your own light show for your household and your neighbourhood. Flashlights, cell phones, headlamps, bike lights, etc. all fit the bill making it easy to participate. Let's start tonight and continue through the winter months.

Safety and wellbeing are at the core of Share the Light. We ask people to avoid using lasers as they pose serious safety risks for aircrafts and motorists to avoid using all handheld devises while driving. We also ask people to their part to reduce the spread of COVID. Visit the COVID-19 prevention page for more information. Winter and the holidays – especially in this extraordinary year – can bring physical and mental health challenges. Care is here for those who need it. Visit the winter care page for health care options. 


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