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“She leads by example and believes actions speak louder than words”


Minnie Teng, winner of the Award of Excellence - Volunteer, at this year's People First Awards ceremony, has led the way for creating a variety of innovative programs for seniors aimed at improving their care experience and overall health. In addition to her occupational therapist role at VCH, Minnie has spent over nine years contributing her own time to providing support, care and compassion to the people and communities we serve.

Watch a short video tribute for Minnie from her colleagues at Evergreen: 


Living our values

Here's what Minnie's colleagues have said about her volunteer work at Minoru and how she has been an inspiration in exemplifying the VCH values of caring, continuous learning, and striving for the best for everyone through her initiative, leadership, and creativity. “She noticed that many of the seniors did not have their nail hygiene taken care of, so she worked with the recreation therapist and spearheaded the program “Neater Nails". This is a weekly program Minnie started and is run by volunteers who provide nail hygiene and beautification services for seniors, which has served hundreds of seniors and have had dozens of volunteers, and is still one of the most popular programs at Minoru!"

“In 2016, Minnie saw that many seniors were curious with technology, so she wrote a grant to the Richmond Foundation and received $6000 to purchase tablets for the seniors at Minoru. She worked with the Richmond Public Library, Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary, and Richmond City Centre Association to initiate the “Wise Webbie Workshops" series where seniors learn to use tablets to connect with their loved ones, reminisce, and “feel young again"!

“Minnie also founded a charitable organization “Aquafit for All" that provides free and accessible aquatic programs for people with disabilities/injuries. This includes the programs “Aqua Vision" and “Aqua BLAST. Aqua Vision is for people who are blind or partially blind, and Aqua BLAST is for stroke survivors and people with neurological disorders. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and recreational therapists from VCH have referred clients to these programs and saw great outcomes for the clients who participated in these programs."

As illustrated in the examples above, Minnie doesn't just acknowledge gaps in services; she acts on them to bridge the gaps and strives to deliver better results to our patients, clients and residents. “Minnie's leadership style is truly that of a servant leader. She leads by example, and believes that actions speak louder than words."

Minnie's inspiration

We asked Minnie what inspires her to live our values every day and she explained, “My colleagues, my patients and my team inspire me to strive for better outcomes, to learn something new every day, and to care for everyone. I am deeply indebted to the people that I work with because every interaction I have with others have shaped who I am today."

Thank you, Minnie for contributing your precious time to the people we serve at VCH, and inspiring all of us with your desire for creating better health outcomes!

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