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“She makes each and every person feel like they belong”


Lisa Stewart, winner of the Award of Excellence - Leadership, at this year's People First Awards ceremony, has led the way for creating and sustaining an organization-wide culture of inclusive continuous team-based quality improvement (TBQI) to achieve better results for our patients, clients and residents.

Watch a short video tribute for Lisa from her colleagues:


Here's what Lisa's colleagues have said about her and how she models our VCH values:

“Lisa has fundamentally changed our approach to how quality improvement is embedded into daily practice at the point-of-care across VCH, she inspires others to excel, she has developed communication forums that have broken down silos and hierarchy, she treats people with fairness and respect independent of their role, and has harnessed a way of celebrating and recognizing health care providers through gratitude, small acknowledgements, and the I Made A Difference campaign."

We Care for Everyone

It is clear that Lisa cares for everyone and helps staff find purpose in their day to day work while encouraging meaningful recognition in many ways.

“Lisa has the most amazing way to find the why in each and every person she meets. She is an inspiring leader who genuinely enables our point-of-care teams, our quality and patient safety department, and many of our leaders to provide the best possible quality of care."

“She makes each and every person feel like they belong, that their time is valued, and finds a way to help focus on what they are passionate about in health care."

“Lisa provides a space for celebrating and recognizing people in ways that make a difference to them. Whether it is celebrating their stories, validating experiences, providing a supportive hug, or jumping in to help, she finds value in each and every encounter."

We Are Always Learning We Strive for better results

Lisa believes in the power of learning and has brought over 55 teams together to empower them to identify, action, evaluate and sustain improvement opportunities to make quality of care the best it can be.

“Lisa and her team have trained over 60 clinical quality leaders, delivered over 18 education sessions, and facilitated over 104 TBQI conversations with senior leadership and clinical teams." This means more learning opportunities for staff and better results for our patients.

Lisa's inspiration

We asked Lisa what inspires her to live our values every day and she explained, “My team. A wonderful group of people who share my belief in service…service to our patients, clients, families, our colleagues and our organization. As a team, we commit to exploring our values and vision in our everyday practice."

Well said, Lisa – we are more powerful together and that is exactly what oneVCH is all about – coming together as one collective health care team so we can deliver an exceptional care experience for all. Thank you, Lisa for providing outstanding leadership and inspiring all of us with your desire for excellence!

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