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SIM-ply amazing! Karen Schafer receives the 2019 SIM Citizenship Award


L-R: Glenn James, Christina Choung, Karen Schafer, Shannon Chestnut, Jaime Gallaher, Michelle Connell and Richard Pinto. Sim team extraordinaire!

At the 2019 National SIM Expo in Montreal in October, Karen Schafer was presented with the SIM Citizenship Award, a prestigious national award presented to a “simulationist" who exemplifies the values of Simulation Canada, especially collaboration and community-building.

Simulation is a technique, not technology, to replace or amplify real experiences with guided experiences…in an interactive fashion (Gaba, 2004, Quality and Safety in Health Care).

Karen is known for her passion for simulation-based education. In five years, she has built a strong, interprofessional simulation team at VCH whose work in simulation benefits clinical teams (and their patients) from Richmond to Bella Bella. A trailblazer in the field of Simulation, Karen has been pivotal in the establishment of simulation-based education (SBE) programs and standards that empower healthcare providers to deliver safe, quality patient care. As a founding member of the BC Simulation Network, Karen promotes collaboration, education and advancement of practice throughout BC and Nationally. ​

Here are some impressive and well-deserved quotes from the nomination:

“Karen is an amazing and passionate collaborator and mentor who works diligently to create a flat and fluid community environment, whereby hierarchy shifts based on the topic and context being discussed, and every member of her team is respected, valued, and embodies a sense of accountability, autonomy, and trust."

“I have witnessed many individuals (myself included) who look to Karen as a role model, a resource and someone who fundamentally understands the complex health care system, practice of nursing, and the art and science of simulation. She takes every opportunity to invest in the growth of members of the interprofessional team."​

If you are interested in learning more about simulation at VCH, visit the Regional Simulation Program page​.

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