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Spectra Energy’s donation advances burn and wound care

On February 26, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation recognized natural gas company, Spectra Energy, for a $50,000 donation to fund vital equipment and leading edge research at the Burn and Wound Healing Lab at VGH. In the last five years, Spectra Energy has provided $250,000 to support this area.

Working to improve care

The internationally renowned Burn and Wound Healing Lab, led by Dr. Aziz Ghahary and supported by his talented team of researchers, is home to some of the most important discoveries and innovative healing treatments for burn and wound care in the world. Thanks to the generous support of Spectra Energy, VGH’s Burn and Wound Healing Lab is developing new drugs, devices and treatments that will reduce painful scarring and disfigurement caused by burns, traumatic injuries and surgery.
In addition, the team is focusing on investigating treatments for non-healing wounds.

New areas of research

Dr. Ghahary’s research is expanding into new areas involving autoimmune diseases. His novel cell therapy method may, in the future, be used to prevent or treat diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and alopecia areata.

Thank you, Spectra Energy!

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation thanks Spectra Energy for their longstanding support that has allowed our teams to make great strides in research which, in turn, help improve the lives of burn and wound patients.
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