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Support women’s heart health

Now through October 9th, Shoppers Drug Mart at VGH is raising money for the Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Health Clinic.

Support the campaign

As part of their annual campaign to Grow Women’s Health (formerly Tree of Life), Shoppers Drug Mart has chosen to support the Clinic through VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.
Next time you’re in Shoppers Drug Mart, purchase an apple, leaf, butterfly, or bird. Your icon will be displayed in store windows and 100% of proceeds go towards the purchase of a new examination bed.

Improving the lives of women

The Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Health Clinic currently focuses on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of women who are at risk for or who have had a cardiac event.
Under the guidance of Dr. Tara Sedlak, Director of the Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Health Clinic and the only certified Women’s Heart Health Cardiologist in Canada, the clinic plays a leading role in advancing specialized care for women, identifying genetic differences in heart disease and developing new diagnostic tools, as well as furthering education and disseminating knowledge.
“We help women who haven’t been able to find help anywhere else,” says Dr. Sedlak. “The clinic is improving the lives of women by reducing their risk of future heart disease, and empowering them with access to tools and information to improve their overall health and wellness.”
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