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Supporting clients to thrive and rejoice at any age


Tony, Home Care Physiotherapist in Vancouver

​Work with a variety of clients, enjoy flexibility, and build rewarding relationships - these are just a few of the benefits Tony enjoys while working in the Community.

“As a Home Care Physiotherapist, I get to see clients' truest selves in their home environment and coach them to regain functional independence in the Community," says Tony. Since no two homes are the same, he enjoys the never-ending learning in his role.

When he goes into an elderly client's homes for the first time he says it can be difficult to accurately estimate their age by how they look and their functional performance. He believes that age is just a number. “I've seen numerous clients who thrive and rejoice at a ripe old age; while some others suffer at much younger ages."

Tony says his personal experience with fractured bones helped give him expertise in treating injuries and overuse conditions. “It has empowered me to speak my patients' language, and live in their shoes before they know it."

He describes himself as an outgoing person who likes to empower people in self-development. “I like to challenge my individual reasoning and create team collaboration. This position offers me autonomy, novelty, and a warm, cohesive work environment."

Tony is thankful for his incredible job and team who allow him to shine in the workplace. “I feel highly respected, and trusted to independently do my job better day-by-day. Both my manager and team have 'open-door' policies – I mean, literally keeping their office doors open – for all workers to come in for support and consultation."

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