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Take a break with VCH staff in a new video series

Michael Schwandt, Medical Health Officer, taking a break

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) staff and medical staff are dedicated to supporting healthy lives in healthy communities. Often, their professional expertise is the central topic when sharing and promoting information. This time, a new video series explores a closer look at what some of the incredible people at VCH have to say about their roles and what they do to relax, de-stress or have fun when taking a break.

VCH will share a series of 'Taking a Break' videos in the coming months on social channels. Join VCH TikTok star Danika as she connects with team members and medical staff for a break to ask them curious and quirky questions. Find out how many cups of coffee a medical health officer drinks per day, the reasons a resident care assistant gets an instant tan from time to time, and who's set a record during the 2022 New B.C. Masters Outdoor Track and Field competition.

It's a great way to get to know the team that cares about your health a little more and share a few laughs. For our first video, Danika met up with Dr. Michael Schwandt, Medical Health Officer and went for a run.

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In the second episode of Taking a Break, Danika connects with Ludvik Rolin, Resident Care Assistant at Lions Gate Hospital's Evergreen House.

Ludvik has been with Vancouver Coastal Health for more than 30 years, and for the same period, he has pursued a hobby - bodybuilding. Learn how Ludvik has developed his skills, what he enjoys the most in his work routine and what it takes to provide exceptional care to clients and patients.

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