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The power, the sweat and the fun of an e-bike


VCH employee Sandra Jenkins and her 2018 Trek Conduit E-Bike.

Sandra Jenkins, 58, is a Vancouve Coastal Health employee working at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). She regularly bikes to work and only recently switched to an e-bike. We asked her about her experience.

Sandra's e-bike experience

I thought I would stop getting a workout from cycling when I switched to an e-bike, but that hasn't been the case. Depending on how energetic I'm feeling, I choose the low, middle or high level of electric assist. Now I have a greater workout with sweat and adrenaline because I cycle practically every day. That now includes the long steep hills I've previously avoided: I take them on purpose because they make my cycling route more direct and depending on how I feel, I choose the level that I need.

"The e-bike is gentle on my body"

The e-bike has come along at a time when I really needed it. Previous injuries with my wrists and knees…and well, aging too… used to cause pain from cycling, but the e-bike feels more gentle on my body. I'm still sweating when I ride so there's my proof that I'm getting a workout and burning calories. But now it takes me a lot less time.

"Parking is easy"

My commute is 9.6km and my phone app tells me it takes 23 minutes. I no longer have to arrive super early because parking at work is easy. What's more important is that I now feel much more secure when passing areas where I used to feel more nervous about my personal safety.

It's a beautiful experience no matter how old you are - I just don't know why more people don't try it! Last year I took the long way home just for fun because I wanted to satisfy my goal of biking over the Lions Gate Bridge (then consequently, the Second Narrows Bridge). In just under an hour and a half I biked 28km and loved it.

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