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“The work we do is highly rewarding”


Eddie, Physiotherapist at Lions Gate Hospital

​After working as a physiotherapist in Madrid, Spain for many years, Eddie was motivated to move to Canada to conduct research at the University of British Columbia (UBC). That was seven years ago and today he is still involved in research, actively working as a physiotherapist, and is soon starting a Doctorate program in physiotherapy.

Eddie works at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH), primarily in medical acute and orthopedic acute. “I love the pulse and rhythm of acute, the quick decision making and being in touch with other professionals such as nurses, doctors and other members of the allied health team," shares Eddie. He is also specialized in vestibular rehabilitation, which he applies to cases at LGH from time to time.

“The work we do is highly rewarding," says Eddie. He recalls a recent case of a woman suffering with a severe vertigo disorder for years that kept her homebound most of the time. “After determining it was benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and performing the repositioning maneuvers, the vertigo went away immediately. She couldn't believe it and thought it was a miracle, and even cried. Those tears of joy sure make up for many years of my profession."

When Eddie isn't working as a physiotherapist or conducting research, he loves to play music. “Playing drums or the guitar really helps me disconnect and fill my soul with positive energies."

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