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VCH celebrates courage on Pink Shirt Day


In the photo: Staff celebrates Pink Shirt Day and the anniversary of the VCH Respectful Workplace Program and No-Bully Line.  

As the first employer in Canada to offer a confidential 1-800 line to report bullying and disrespectful behaviour, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is seeing the value of taking a proactive approach. Since introducing its Respectful Workplace Program in 2014, over 1700 VCH employees have come forward to report bullying and disruptive behaviour in their work area. Out of the roughly 1700 reports, 967 were resolved by Human Resources, 700 were referred to the VCH Employee & Family Assistance Program for confidential counselling and 34 are under investigation.  

Confidential reporting line

The No-Bully Hotline provides a unique form of support where employees and physicians can confidentially discuss their experience with a counsellor, who will help with next steps. Complaints are either referred to a confidential counselling program or to HR for investigation and resolution.

“Many staff that call VCH’s No-Bully Line don’t realize that this may be the first step – and the only step – required to deal with bullying,” said Sara Arwin, Clinical Services Associate for VCH’s No-Bully Line. “Our anonymous support line provides confidential advice and can give staff the courage they need to have the conversation and address this behaviour directly without having to file a formal compliant with HR or their manager.” Research shows that most people will stop their behaviour once it’s brought to their attention.

Problems are typically resolved through apology and behaviour change, and communicating respectful workplace expectations. However, 116 staff or physicians who have been found to have breached respectful workplace expectations have received a letter of warning, suspension, termination, demotion or have had their privileges revoked.

VCH Pink Shirt and Bracelet Day

On February 22, employees and physicians throughout VCH will be celebrating the power of a respectful workplace by wearing their VCH pink bracelets and shirts.

“Our 2017 Pink Bracelet campaign is about staff making a personal commitment to demonstrating VCH’s respectful workplace values which benefits us all – staff, patients and the public,” said Kathleen Daluz, Lead of VCH’s Respectful Workplace program.

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Anyone can join the fun—see the website for details.

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