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VCH Celebrates #hellomynameis Day!


Members of VGH's Emergency Department introduce themselves as part of the #hellomynameis campaign.

VCH Celebrates #hellomynameis Day!​​

It all starts with an introduction. 

July 23rd 2019 was International #hellomynameis Day, and VCH joined the international community in celebrating. The #hellomynameis campaign was started by Dr. Kate Granger in the UK, a physician who became terminally ill. As a patient, she noticed how often care providers would go about their tasks without ever introducing themselves to her, and she found that experience dehumanizing. Kate and her husband Chris (who was a keynote speaker at the 2019 Quality Forum) went on to raise awareness about what a huge difference introductions make to the care experience. What started in the UK as a social media post by one patient voice quickly went viral and is now an international movement celebrated every year on July 23rd to honour Kate's legacy.

This year, VCH joined in the conversation. If you follow VCH on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen posts featuring several clinical teams who got into the spirit of the day and showed their support for this simple everyday practice.

 Richmond Palliative Care Unit Team​

Richmond Palliative Care Unit Team​

UBC Hospital Complex Activation Medical Unit

VGH Emergency Department​

​VGH Emergency Department​

​VGH Emergency Department​

Richmond Team Based Quality Improvement​

Vancouver Team Based Quality Improvement​

The aim of the campaign is to continue the conversation well beyond July 23, to recognize the importance of introductions in initiating a human connection between patient and care provider. No matter how busy things get, it should be normal, expected practice:

  • To always remember to introduce ourselves to patients/families/caregivers (first name only for privacy reasons)

  • To remember to tell the patient our role and  what we are about to do

  • To ask the patient how we can help

How this links to the VCH values and strategic priorities?

Improving the patient experience at VCH is key to our core values of caring for everyone, ensuring we are always learning and striving for better results. The #hellomynameis campaign allows us to come together as a team and partner with our patients and caregivers to optimize the patient experience and work towards exceptional care.

Stay Tuned…

Over the next few months, you will hear more about how VCH is working on measuring, learning from, and improving the patient experience. One consistent theme is the importance of compassion and human connection in how we communicate and partner with patients and families. Check out the “I made a difference…" contest and submit your team's story of how you touch the lives of patients and families. You could win one of four registrations to the Quality Forum 2020. To enter the contest, email

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