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VCH Nurse Saves Baby's Life Midflight


Working as a Registered Nurse at Vancouver General Hospital, Girisha often faces challenging situations. She never expected her training and expertise would one day help save a life in the most unexpected situation.

Girisha specialized in adult critical care and she has experience in both the intensive care unit and the post anesthetic care unit. Originally from Prince George, she moved to the Lower Mainland and has been working at VCH for over a year now.

After a trip to visit family in Prince George, Girisha was flying back to Vancouver when she experienced what could have been a tragic incident. “A two and half month old baby had been reported by the flight attendants as requiring medical attention. I approached the scene where the baby was pulseless and cyanotic," says Girisha. To worsen the situation, the flight still had 25-30 minutes before landing. Without hesitation Girisha knew she needed to help and initiated CPR on the baby. Moments later she heard a cry. “In that moment, when I heard the baby cry I felt such a sigh of relief. I saw how grateful the mother was and what an impact I made on this family's life. This experience allows me to go on with my career and life knowing that I have the ability to continue making a difference in the world," says Girisha.

“My skills over the years helped me save a child's life and that is the biggest reward anyone can achieve. There have been so many situations where I have had the privilege of supporting someone through tough times. Although it was a difficult situation for the family, I am glad I was able to help. I am proud to be a Registered Nurse!"​​

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