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VCH wins award for leadership excellence in "Gentle Persuasive Approaches"


From left to right: Lillian Hung, Jenifer Tabamo, Jas Gill with their award

This month, at the 2018 Advanced Gerontological Education Recognition Awards, VCH won the highest overall score for their commitment to “Gentle Persuasive Approaches” (GPA). 

“We're thrilled to win this award," said Lillian Hung, Clinical Nurse Specialist. "We couldn't have done it without support from leadership, peer coaches and all staff. It's a great recognition of VCH’s commitment to person-centred care."  

Above photo: Older Adult Mental Health Program at VGH holding their award.​

What is Gentle Persuasive Approaches?   

GPA focuses on the importance of building meaningful relationships and person-centred care. This evidence-based dementia care education is for staff across disciplines. GPA has been implemented across mental health, acute medicine and long-term care in Richmond and Vancouver. 

VCH’s history with Gentle Persuasive Approaches

  • ​For the Regional Older Adult Mental Health Program, Lillian Hung, Clinical Nurse Specialist spearheaded GPA in the Older Adult program at Willow in 2013. Presently, all staff in the Older Adult program completed GPA, and 80% have taken the refresher course GPA –Recharge. 

  • In acute medicine at VGH, Jenifer Tabamo, Clinical Nurse Specialist, has been partnering with Lillian Hung to lead GPA since 2016. One of these units, CP10, is in the midst of its development as the "Acute Dementia Care Unit." GPA program implementation in acute care has been a positive collaboration with the mental health team. 

  • In long-term care, Jas Gill, Practice Lead has trained over 3,000 interdisciplinary staff with the core principles of GPA in VCH. Jas organized Dementia Care Forums for interdisciplinary staff to reflect current dementia care practices.

Impact of GPA with VCH staff

Lillian Hung has conducted a post-intervention survey and focus groups to evaluate impacts. Her paper, titled "The experience of hospital staff in applying the Gentle Persuasive Approaches to dementia care" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.​

In a survey, 95% of VCH staff found that the education was useful and applicable to their practice and would have a positive impact on their ability to respond to behaviors related to dementia. 

One care worker commented, "We've learned that all behavior has meaning and to see that it's not just the patient’s confusion, but it could be the environment that is causing them agitated. Now, I make sure my care approach is multifaceted [rather] than just thinking [that] they’re confused.​"

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