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VGH Thrift Store grows rehab wheelchair fleet


It only takes 20 minutes.

Pressures sores are potentially dangerous and wheelchair users can begin to develop them in less time than it takes to watch your favourite sitcom.

“That’s why we recommend clients shift their weight every 15 minutes,” says Ian Denison, GF Strong (GFS) Rehab Centre equipment specialist. “A power wheelchair that allows our clients to shift their weight independently, without relying on the help of others, is ideal.”

Thanks to a $16,000 donation from the VGH Thrift Store, GFS has a new addition to its power wheelchair fleet that fits the bill.

Clients use the power wheelchair with tilt functionality during their rehabilitation stay at GFS. Versatile and customizable, the chair can be adjusted for patients with a range of paralysis. Click the video below to see how the chair tilts to prevent pressure sores.

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The VGH Thrift Store’s donation to the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre is just one of many donations made over the past year. Total donations towards VCH-Vancouver acute and community services in 2017 topped $68,000.

VGH Thrift Store appreciates your support

Store donations benefitting VCH-Vancouver patients, clients and residents wouldn’t be possible without your support. The VGH Thrift Store in Vancouver’s East Village welcomes your clothing, books and other household items for resale.

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For more information contact: Heather Prime, member, Board of Directors, VGH Thrift Store

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