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VGH Thrift Store spreads Christmas cheer


This holiday season the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Thrift Store spreads Christmas cheer to Banfield and George Pearson Centre residents.

Proceeds from the store’s sales funded donations totalling $4,325 to the residential care homes. And, thanks to many staff, these donations were transformed into meaningful presents for people who may not otherwise receive something special at this very special time of year.

Bringing joy to Banfield residents

The VGH Thrift Store donated $2,500 towards the purchase of Christmas gifts for the 154 residents living at Banfield Pavilion.

Above photo: Banfield resident Hor Non Wong is all smiles when Santa delivers her present, courtesy of the VGH Thrift Store.

“I love my new winter jacket,” says Winnie Saunby, hugging her present close. “The colour is so beautiful and the Christmas party was wonderful.”

“The generosity of the VGH Thrift Store always brings joy and laughter to our residents,” says Yee-Sin Law, activity worker. “Receiving a gift meant just for them makes our residents feel better and gives the Banfield community of staff, family and friends a feeling of hope and wellbeing that lasts through the year.”

Making George Pearson residents feel special

Above photo: George Pearson Centre residents, including (l to r) Debbie, Michael, Marilyn, Tracey and Vu, received gifts thanks to a donation from the VGH Thrift Store.

The VGH Thrift Store also donated $1,825 towards the purchase of Christmas gifts for George Pearson Centre’s 114 residents.

Upon receiving their gifts, residents were grinning ear to ear and expressing their thanks for this unexpected and most welcome surprise, says Ron Stedman, supervisor of Recreation Therapy.

“Christmas can be a lonely time for some people in residential care facilities. This act of kindness from the VGH Thrift Store definitely had a positive impact on residents’ lives. It made them feel special knowing that they are cared about,” he explains.

“It was also a very positive experience for our recreation staff,” Ron adds. “We had so much fun giving out the gifts and seeing the amazing reactions from the surprised residents. From all of us at George Pearson Centre, thank you to the VGH Thrift Store Society. Please know that your kindness has made Christmas extra special this year.”

VGH Thrift Store appreciates your support

Store donations benefitting VCH patients, clients and residents wouldn’t be possible without your support. The VGH Thrift Store welcomes your clothing, books and other household items for resale. Please drop off donations during store hours only.

Store hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Address: 2535 E. Hastings St.
Phone: (604) 876-3731

For more information contact: Heather Prime, member, Board of Directors, VGH Thrift Store

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