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Vote and help prevent violence against women

One of Vancouver’s Chief Operating Officers, Vivian Eliopoulos, has been nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award. This nomination also gives her the chance to win the Connecting the Community Award.

A message from Vivian

The award raises vital funds for women and children across Metro. Courtesy of Scotiabank, the winner of this award will have the opportunity to donate $10,000 to a YWCA cause of choice. The cause I have chosen is "preventing violence against women".  
In the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital, our Social Workers report that on most shifts they provide brief intervention and crisis support to one or more patients who have been victims of domestic violence.
In the past year, our Adult Protection and Domestic Violence Social Worker has worked with more than 50 admitted patients who have been victims of abuse. In every situation our Social Workers attempt to offer assistance in concrete ways in an effort to help patients to look at ways to make themselves safe.
Ultimately, their goal is to link their patients upon discharge with resources in the Community that can provide assistance - both short and longer term. These resources are pivotal as they provide much needed critical support such as safe housing, counselling services, and legal aid.
I am extremely pleased to show my unwavering and heartfelt support for the incredible work that the staff at Munroe House do each and every day, providing transition housing and ongoing support services for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.
Please join me in recognizing their work by casting your vote.
Thank you so much for casting your vote!
-          Vivian

How can you vote?

You can vote for 'Vivian Eliopoulos - Preventing violence against women' once every 24 hours on the YWCA site. Please make sure to come back daily and vote! Voting is open until May 15 at midnight. 

Women of Distinction Awards

The YWCA Women of Distinction Awards honours extraordinary women leaders, while raising much-needed funds for YWCA programs and services that improve the lives of thousands of people each year across Metro Vancouver.

Connecting the Community Award

All YWCA Women of Distinction nominees are eligible to win the Connecting the Community Award, which raises vital funds for women and children across Metro Vancouver.
This award allows the recipient to donate $10,000, courtesy of Scotiabank, to the cause of her choice.
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