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We are family: meet Emily Cheng and Sam Yim


​Family Day (February 18) is fast approaching; to celebrate, we're taking the opportunity to focus on the family trees rooted here in VCH-Vancouver. This month, we're meeting couples, parents, siblings and others who've felt the calling to support patient care.

Meet Emily and Sam

Emily Cheng and Sam Yim first met at St. Paul's Hospital (SPH) when working in the same department. Emily made the move to VCH about seven years ago and Sam followed her to VGH last year.

“A job opportunity came up at VCH-Vancouver and I thought it would be a great chance to do something different," says Emily, who is an administrative assistant and the co-credentialing coordinator for Vancouver Acute Medical Affairs. “I really like working here and I enjoy the interactions I have with lots of different people."

Sam, who is a regional practice lead for MRI, was in a consolidated role and was a VCH employee even while he worked at SPH. After several years at SPH and two years with Lion Gate Hospital's MRI team, he made the move to a regional role based at VGH.

“I was really happy to move over to VGH," he says. "It was a promotion, which was amazing, and a chance to work collaboratively to promote best practice," he says.

Living together. Working together.

So what's it like living and working together?

“The commute is easier," says Sam. “And it's nice to be able to have lunch with Emily from time to time."

“You end up spending a lot more time together," Emily adds. “It's nice having a similar schedule though and planning things after work is much easier."

Their roles don't overlap much during working hours, but that allows each to focus on their own interests. “I think it's great that VCH is large enough that we both can specialize," says Emily.

Both have had opportunities to learn and grow through their work with VCH. For Sam, job flexibility meant he could pursue his Master's degree while still working full time. And Emily, who is studying business and HR management in her spare time, is able to weave what she's learned into her work.

Like an extended family

While Sam may be the only actual family member Emily has at VGH, her work family is also near and dear to her heart.

“You spend so much time with your colleagues that they become like family," she says. “We really care about each other. I'm even closer to some of them than I am to my extended family!"

Those relationships are important, especially during times of stress—or celebration.

“When Sam and I got engaged, I was working in the Psychiatry Department and my work family threw me a bridal shower," Emily recalls. “That was really touching. I still remember how it made me feel. We were all so close. Even though some of us have moved onto other roles, we still keep in touch."

Growing the family

Both Sam and Emily are happy to recommend working at VCH to family, friends, and anyone who'll listen.

“One of the benefits of VCH is it's a large organization with multiple sites," says Sam. “You can choose a smaller community or to stay in the city. That gives people lots of choices."

“VCH is a great organization to work for," agrees Emily. “I'd recommend working here to anyone."

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