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We're going to make Richmond BLUSH

Talking about sexual health can be awkward, but it can also be exciting, empowering and exceptionally fun.
To help youth get around this awkwardness, a revitalized Vancouver Coastal Health program is now available to all Richmond high schools.

What is BLUSH?

BLUSH — Bold Learning for Understanding Sexual Health – is VCH’s peer-to-peer sexual health education program that has served Vancouver youth well for more than 20 years and now it's available to Richmond youth as well. The program is formerly known as Condomania.
Working with youth during the developmental window of age 12 to 18, BLUSH provides opportunities for youth to explore attitudes, values and behaviours that support sexual health and well-being for lifelong impact.
“I want to promote personal health, safety, positive attitudes and responsibility, while being a positive influence to the younger generation,” says Jonathan, one of BLUSH’s youth educators who facilitates sessions across Vancouver and Richmond. “I hope to help youth not only gain more insight what sexual health is, but also to foster a better understanding of each other’s feelings by building a respectful and inclusive community, thereby influencing healthier decisions to be made.”

Talking freely

BLUSH’s youth educators engage on important topics to youth, such as relationships, consent, safer sex options, confidence, open communication, gender and identity, factors that influence decision making and personal boundaries.
"Sex wasn’t really talked about in my household, and there was a lot of misinformation in my peer groups,” says Megan, another of BLUSH’s youth educators. “So if I can help give honest and accurate advice and information to youth in a way that makes them feel a little less alone and confused, I want to do that.”

Workshop topics 

These topics are faciliated by our youth educators with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm because talking about issues related to our sexual health and wellness is not only important, but exciting! Discussions remain sensitive to varying comfort levels, diverse cultural backgrounds and different levels of understanding.

Healthy Relationships

Explore what makes relationships healthy or unhealthy, how to use open communication and how to make decisions that are best for you. This session is recommended for youth in Grade 8.

Safer Sexy

Explore issues and situations that make it difficult to negotiate safer sex, discuss the risks associated with sexual activities and help students develop their communication skills. This session is recommended for youth in Grade 9.

Gender StereoTYPOS

Examine the concept of gender and how gender stereotypes can influence our ability to take care of ourselves within relationships. We’ll also discuss how stereotypes affect our self-esteem and our decision-making. This session is recommended for youth in Grade 10.

Healthy Sexuality and Media Literacy

Our newest workshop explores the impact of sexualized media and supports your ability to develop skills to engage more critically in order to minimize the influence and realize opportunities for safer choices. This is recommended for youth in Grade 11.

Spread the word

Do you know a group of youths who’d be interested in a BLUSH session? Let them know that all BLUSH workshops can be booked directly from the program’s new website –
Meet our youth educators and learn about what makes them BLUSH.
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