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What does working safely mean to you?


Gordon Yee, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, encourages all staff to think about 'What working safe looks like' to them during NAOSH week.

We all know the importance of working safely—working in health care, it's something we're exposed to every day. How can I do my job without injuring myself? How can I apply safety policies and procedures to minimize the risks to myself and to others? We all know that working safely is something we ought to do at work, but what does working safely really mean to you? Who are you working safely for?

This is the idea behind the concept brought forward by the Health and Safety Committee at Richmond Lions Manor-Bridgeport.

“We wanted to find a way to encourage staff to think about their own health and safety, and then to collectively create a positive safety culture in the workplace," said Gordon Yee, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor.

The campaign, which asked staff to come up with an image that depicted what matters to them and what motivates them to stay safe at work, resulted over 30 photos—all of which were posted for all staff and residents to see. Gordon says it was a great, visual way, for staff to learn about each other and keep occupational health and safety top of mind.

“Staff really care for one another," he says, “so when what they cared about most was posted up on the wall, it was a real eye-opener. It was an opportunity for them to learn about each other and strive for better results when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

Take the challenge

May 5 to 11 is North American Occupational Safety Health Week (NAOSH) and a chance for all of us at VCH-Richmond to think about what encourages each and every one of us to work safely, so we can go home to those we love at the end of the day and enjoy the activities we love doing.

Take some time to think about what working safely means to you. What does it look like? Find a photo and use this template Why I work safe_Landscape.docx to put it together. When you're done, share it with your team and or post it in the Photo Gallery on the intranet.

Safety at Richmond Lions Manor-Bridgeport

Here's what Safety means to some of the staff at RLMB:

Dan Han, Occupational Therapist: I work safe so that I can enjoy some awesome powder runs on the mountain.   

Jennifer Qiu, PCA: I work safe so that I can enjoy a cup of tea at home in my beautiful surroundings.   

Jo-Anne Kirk, manager: I work safe because of my two sons

Jennifer Sandhu, RLA: I work safe because I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I want everyone to have the same opportunity.

Learn more

To learn more about NAOSH week and some of the activities taking place around the province, visit their website. If you have any health and safety questions, please contact your Health and Safety Committee.

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