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What is VCH doing about environmental sustainability?


​You see the recycle bins and possibly even see lighting retrofits, but what is Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) doing about environmental sustainability as an organization? And how do you get involved in this organizational change?

2017 Environmental Performance Accountability Report

Welcome to the 2017 Environmental Performance Accountability (EPAR) Report. This is our sixth annual report.

This year's EPAR is an interactive (clickable) report; which can easily be navigated.

If you're interested in a consolidated Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health (LMHOs) report, read the consolidated report.​​

Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team

The EPAR is an annual report voluntarily compiled by the Facilities-led Energy & Environmental Sustainability Team (EES)​

The EES Team conducts research, develops programs, guidelines and policies, and oversees collaborative approaches and processes related to energy and environmental sustainability across all four LMHOs.

EES's goal is to reduce the environmental impacts and increase the resilience of health care facilities. Just as we recognize that health is not simply the absence of disease, we are striving to go beyond simply reducing negative environmental impacts by seeking solutions that restore, renew, and revitalize environmental health across our local and regional communities.

The purpose of this report is to transparently summarize and relay VCH initiatives, progress and results for the 2017 calendar year, and to highlight the team and individuals across the lower mainland health care sector that are striving to “green" health care facilities, work space, and operations to ensure a minimized the environmental footprint and greater environmental health.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this report and work, please contact Glen Garrick at

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