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“When you help someone with kindness, it means a lot”


Connection. It's something that as humans, we naturally desire. Connection can lift our spirits, can provide comfort, bring us joy, and inspire hope. For residents at Minoru Residence, connection is more important than ever before as staff work to keep residents safe, happy, and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Connection with families is something that's so important in the care of our residents," says manager Nicky Dhugga. “New policies around visitation and physical distancing during this time have meant we've had to get creative with how we provide and facilitate meaningful connection for our residents and their families."

Visits at the window

Every other day, resident Marci gets a special visitor. Her daughter, Nancy, rides her bike to Minoru to have a chat with mom through the ground-floor window. It's an opportunity for connection—one that Marci looks forward to.

“These visits are really important, because then you don't lose contact," she says. “I know what the family doing every day and how they're coping."

Nancy shares the same feelings around the importance of these visits.

“I am her contact with the outside world and someone who can help her celebrate these relationships that she has nurtured over the years. They're short, seemingly insignificant moments that bring meaning to life."

With many group activities postponed, recreation assistants like Jodie Jackman have become connection facilitators—helping residents connect via cell phone through the window or setting up Facetime calls.

“We're getting creative with how we can best support our residents and their families during this time," she says. “Facilitating the connection of residents with family and friends virtually has been very rewarding and created a unique opportunity to get to know both the residents and their loved ones on a very deep and emotional level."

Appreciation for staff

Marci says the staff at Minoru have done a wonderful job to make her and her fellow residents feel safe and cared for during this time. From changing clothes before and after work, enhanced cleaning throughout the site, and offering as many activities as they can such live music, Marci is thankful for the work they do every day.

“The staff are so wonderful and I really appreciate them," she says. “When you help someone with kindness, it means a lot." 

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