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Who's on first?


Above photo: One of the two mixed teams comprised of leaders from PHC and VCH, including CEOs Fiona Dalton (second from right) and Mary Ackenhusen (far right).

It started as team building and ended with a lot of laughter. It was the first - possibly annual - softball game between members of the Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care leadership teams.

And as much as pick up softball games are iconic to warm summer days, as the sun shone down on the ball diamond at Braemer Park on the evening of July 10, there was actually a lot more going on than a game of catch. The event felt like a symbolic turning point in the increasingly collaborative and collegial working relationship being enjoyed by members of these two leadership teams. Certainly the two groups have worked together closely in the past, but these days there's more than just work going on; the strong values-based culture at PHC, combined with the My VCH transformation happening across Vancouver Coastal Health, is leading to more time being spent on the people behind the work in the form of relationship-building and partnerships.

Rather than treating the game as “VCH vs. PHC," Dr. Patrick O'Connor, VCH's VP of Medicine, took charge and numbered players off into mixed teams that included representatives from both health organizations. There were a few surprises as the evening wore on – it seems VCH's President & CEO, Mary Ackenhusen, is a pretty decent shortstop, our VP of Transformation, Darcia Pope, is a force to be reckoned with at first base, and PHC is home to some seriously talented players who rocked it at the pitching mound and catching at home plate. What's more, PHC's new President & CEO, Fiona Dalton, who recently arrived from the UK and the land of cricket, is an incredibly good sport, who was willing to try the North American game of softball for the very first time in front of all of her new colleagues!

After four innings and a tie score, the teams called it a game and moved on to beverages and a BBQ. Word is that the next match-up will involve bowling.

Many thanks to those who had a hand in organizing the game and making it a perfect evening overall.

Above photo: Senior leaders from VCH and PHC came together in mixed teams to play in their first joint softball game on July 10.

Above photo: PHC's new President & CEO Fiona Dalton delights in the presence of both UK and North America treats in the post-game candy bowl.

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