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"Working with our patients, one at a time"


Peri-Operative Nurse Marcel Gaultier says one of the reasons he loves his job in surgery is because it's his role to be there to protect our patients, making sure they’re safe and extremely well cared for.

Seeing a job through from start to finish. Without being interrupted or shifting focus to something else.

It can seem so simple but it's one of the things that makes Richmond Hospital Peri-Operative Nurse Marcel Gaultier so enthusiastic about the role he's played with VCH for the last 18 months now, “Working with our patients, one at a time."

“It's one of my favourite things about being here in Surgery, our work with patients goes from start to finish," he explains. “And my job is to be there to protect our patients, making sure they're safe and extremely well cared for. It's a great job."

Opportunities abound in nursing

As he looks back on his career amidst all of the Nurses Week celebrations that are going on, what does he enjoy the most about the nursing profession during the 5-1/2 years he's worked at hospitals in Calgary and on the North Shore.

“I see a plethora of opportunities available to us as nurses," he says. “With the training I've taken and the chances to pursue more education, there are so many different avenues I can explore."

From working in acute to community, from being an educator to upgrading my skills or going into a management role," he adds, “it all starts with being a nurse."

And exploring options is something he's glad he took the time to do a couple of years ago, opening the door to his role as a Peri-Operative Nurse and a newfound sense of, “really enjoying work now."

Marcel likens his work with the peri-operative team to, “a flight crew getting ready for a long flight." Unlike his previous role in other hospitals in departments like Emergency and Trauma where the work was often chaotic and full of uncertainty, his current position involves higher levels of stress at the beginning and end of the surgical process – similar to a flight where the take-off and landing are vital – but is typically fairly calm and orderly throughout the rest of the process.

At times like this, he's clear he's “found his niche" in health care and has plenty more to learn as he manages his own career path. This year's Nurses Week theme of “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Health for All" seems appropriate for a guy who enjoys his surgical role because he's able to, “actively intervene in someone's health and be there with them right at the start of their healing journey."

A focus on hands started it all

While his current position – and the enjoyment he gets fixing or reducing health-related complications for his patients – is something he's learned along the way, Marcel always knew he wanted to do something that involved working with his hands.

And while he's happy to be handy (he's a former carpenter), his opportunity to make a difference in someone's life is what makes him clear he's in the right place career wise these days.

Richmond residents and staff take a few moments to recognize nurses

It's nurses like Marcel, great examples of the dedication and willingness to serve patients in their community, that cause patients and family members to take a moment and be thankful for the care they've received.

One way that Richmond residents and staff are doing that right now is through the Richmond Hospital Foundation's “Nominate a Nurse" campaign. Running from April 10 to May 13, this campaign is designed to recognize nurses and offer residents the chance to thank local nurses for their hard work and dedication and make them eligible for small prizes.

Special greetings

In honour of National Nursing Week, we invite you to watch this special video with greetings, congratulations, and a message of appreciation to all nurses across Vancouver Coastal Health from Dr. David Byres, DNP, RN, CHE, Chief Nurse Executive and Associate Deputy Minister, Clinical Leadership, Ministry of Health. (5:32 minutes) 

Dr. Byres also provides a status update on The Nursing Policy Secretariat's Priority Recommendation Report 

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