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Year of the Nurse: Meet Michelle, a registered nurse with a big passion for quality improvement initiatives


Today marks the start of National Nursing Week in Canada, so it is fitting to commence our Year of the Nurse staff profiles! Meet
Michelle, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) in North Vancouver. "I love that my job is high paced, and different nearly every day. We get to help people and their families through many of their hardest days, and when I can do something to make a difference in their care, that reminds me of why we do what we do," she says.

Advocating for Quality Improvement

Michelle is a passionate advocate for Quality Improvement initiatives that have a meaningful impact on the patients and staff at LGH. An inspirational moment in her career was seeing the successful implementation of the new Intake and First Aid areas and process changes nearly three years ago. "I was the project lead, and I was very determined to get the project off the ground as our Department desperately needed a better way to handle the large volume of ambulatory patients," she says. Patients were placed in an over-crowded area within the department waiting to be seen and treated. "Our physicians had extremely limited space to safely assess patients, and nursing staff needed more space to match the patient volume and treatment needs. Through the initiative, they changed how the department used assessment and treatment spaces, and created improved team work spaces to promote increased efficiency, communication and patient flow.

VCH Recognition for her work and dedication

For her work and dedication to the project, Michelle was recognized with the People First Award of Merit in Innovation. This award is given to individuals who uses their courage and creativity to bring forward innovative solutions that challenge the status quo, improve quality and move us toward a more sustainable health care system. "This was a very meaningful way for VCH to recognize me for my work", says Michelle.

Driven by the VCH Value "We Strive for Better Results", Michelle feels that she is empowered to make changes that provide positive outcomes for patients and staff providing support and care. "Supporting our staff through education helps us provide better, and consistent care," she says. "It is important to listen to what staff identify as issues, concerns and their ideas to make improvements."

Michelle feels supportive by her team at LGH and says "our department is a very supportive and social group of professionals that really care about each other! I have never worked in a Department like this one."

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