Quick Facts

Snapshot of Vancouver Coastal Health

Quick Facts

The numbers below provide a brief snapshot of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Who we serve

We serve 25% of BC’s population, that's over 1 million people including the residents of Vancouver, Richmond, the North Shore and Coast Garibaldi, Sea-to-Sky, Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Bella Bella and Bella Coola.

Our people

We have approximately

  • 13,080 full time/part time staff including 4,500 nurses (excluding casuals and Providence Health Care)
  • 2,100 physicians (excluding Locums)
  • 3,000 volunteers

See our employee numbers by occupational group:

Daily statistics

Every day we see an average of:

  • 1,100 patients in our emergency departments
  • 5 life or threatened organ cases
  • 316 surgery patients in our operating rooms that run Monday to Friday
  • 175 people in the community for occupational or physical therapy
  • 891 home care nursing visits
  • 6,240 residential care clients
  • 891 assisted living tenants

Annual statistics

Every year we:

  • Receive $3.4 billion in funding
  • Provide 3 million+ patient days of care
  • See 356,000+ people in our emergency departments, that's one person every two minutes
  • See 845,000+ visits to our clinics
  • Provide 89,000+ same day surgical visits
  • Conduct 82,000+ inpatient discharges
  • Provide 2.3 million+ residential care days
  • Provide 1.9 million+ home support hours
  • Provide 199,000+ home nursing visits

Learn more

Visit the Service Plan page to find out our specific priorities for the next four years.

Updated March 3, 2016