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For parents & guardians

Children (ages 0 to 18) are at low risk of catching and spreading COVID-19. Child care and schools can be operated safely by following public health safety measures and guidelines. These include staying home when sick, minimizing physical contact, practicing excellent hand washing, good cough and sneeze etiquette and frequent cleaning and disinfection. Learn more about COVID-19 prevention.


Parents and guardians should assess their child daily for key symptoms of illness before sending them to school. To support daily screening, a K-12 health-checker app has been developed for students and their families to inform them if they can attend school or if they need to self-isolate and call 8-1-1 to be screened for COVID-19. 

Use the K-12 health-checker app


With school in session, we anticipate more children may require COVID-19 testing. We want parents and children to understand when testing is required and to feel prepared when they come to our sites for a test.

Learn more about testing for children


All schools in the VCH region have robust safety plans in place. Schools are considered a controlled environment because they include a consistent group of people, such as a class setting.

The VCH exposures in schools page is available as a resource for school staff, parents, and students who are looking for information on how Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) monitors and tracks school exposures, as well as an up to date list of current school exposures in our region.

Learn more about school exposures


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