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Physician immunization resources

Read the Physicians' Update, our newsletter that contains the latest practice-related information for general practitioners and nurse practitioners across the Vancouver health region.

Looking for information on the Influenza Vaccine?

VCH Flu Vaccine Quick Reference 2017-2018

VCH flu vaccine Re-Order Forms
Vancouver flu vaccine re-order form 
North Shore flu vaccine re-order form 
Richmond flu vaccine re-order form 
Coastal Rural flu vaccine re-order form

Looking for posters to help stop the spread of germs?

We have posters available in multiple languages on our How to stay healthy page.

Looking for information on pandemic preparedness?

Visit the Pandemic Response Plans page.

Schedules and guidelines for immunizations and vaccinations


Visit the BCCDC Immunization program website 
Comprehensive immunization and vaccination from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control
View the Canadian Immunization guide on the Healthy Canadians website 

VCH Adult Immunization Quick Reference

Quick reference: adult immunizations for unimmunized adults > 18 years


Infanrix hexa vaccine

Infanrix hexa questions and answers 
BCCDC-compiled information for health care professionals
Infanrix hexa quick reference guide 
A decision-making tool to assist with infant/child vaccinations
National Advisory Committee on Immunization website 
NACI recommendations on the use of pentavalent and hexavalent vaccines
Visit the HealthLink BC: vaccination website 
Immunization information for infant/child vaccination

HPV vaccine

ImmunizeBC website 
Resources, articles and tools for HPV vaccine
HPV immunization record 
Handy folding card for recording HPV immunization series
Nobel-Winning Discovery of HPV–Cervical Cancer Link Already Having an Impact on Medicine 
Medscape article on the influence of HPV vaccine

Schedules and vaccinations

BC routine childhood immunization record 
An immunization chart to assist physicians with vaccination schedules
Vaccines and Biologics: U.S. and International 
A compilation of vaccine products used presently and in the past in the U.S. and other nations
Foreign language terms 
Terms to assist with the translation of foreign immunization records
WHO Global vaccination schedule summary on the WHO website 
View information by global region, country or antigen

Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI)

Adverse Event Following Immunization form 
Please print, fill out and fax to your local health office (see link below).
Vancouver Coastal Health Local Health Offices contact information 
Voluntary AEFI reporting - BCCDC 
This is undertaken to monitor vaccine safety. Criteria for reporting and management of adverse events are found in Section 9 of the BCCDC Immunization Program Manual

Education resources

Childhood immunization quick reference kit 
This easy-to-use reference kit provides answers to questions about childhood vaccines, complete with illustrations and diagrams.
Quick reference: immunization communication tool for immunizers 
This easy to use guide presents information in a "Clinical Evidence" and "Client Knowledge" format.
Immunization protects against serious disease 
This poster displays the impact of vaccine-preventable diseases on the human body.

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