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Training & access for Clinical Systems

You may require access to health records as part of your learning experience.  Students may only have access to the records of patients/clients who are currently in their care.  Throughout VCH there are various electronic clinical information systems that are used in the provision of care. You may be required to attend training, perform competency assessments, and have approved access to these systems.  Access to electronic clinical information systems is only provided for the duration of the clinical learning experience.  It is the responsibility of the student and/or on-site faculty to ensure that students have received the necessary training and mastery at the onset of the clinical experience.

Patient Care Information System (PCIS) access is given to preceptorship students and groups instructors.  It is the responsibility of trainees to ensure they complete all necessary clinical systems training at least one week prior to the start of the rotation, but no more than 4 weeks in advance to receive access to the PCIS system upon arrival.  Group instructors will look up values and discuss the results with their students.  Please contact the Service Desk at (604) 875-4334 for support.

For inquiries regarding class content and requirements for VGH, UBCH, RH, GFS, and GPC, and please email PCIS Clinical Support. For inquiries regarding class content and requirements for the North Shore please email Coastal Security.

Returning students

Students returning for another placement may contact the Service Desk at 604-875-4334 to have their PCIS account reactivated.  The new placement dates are validated by the PCIS Enrollment Analyst through the student assignment in HSPnet.

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