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Requirements for all students

Criminal Record Check

Students must complete a Criminal Record Check within a 5 year period prior to commencing placement at VCH. Students engaged in brief observational experiences lasting no longer than one calendar day while under direct supervision at all times are not required to complete a Criminal Record Check.

  • Any cost is the responsibility of the student.

  • Your Criminal Record Check should be kept on file by your educational institution.

  • False information will result in the termination of your practicum experience.

  • You must inform your educational institution and your placement site of any status change incurred during your practice experience.

  • In the event of a pre-existing or current charge or conviction, VCH will decide if your practice experience will be impacted.

Liability & accident insurance

All students and faculty engaged in clinical or practice education experiences with VCH must maintain 3rd party liability insurance as well as accident insurance. This insurance must be in place prior to the start of your placement.

Professional Image

Students will be expected to follow the same appearance guidelines of our staff. View theVancouver Coastal Health professional Image guidelines.

Photo identification

At the request of the Lower Mainland Consolidated Customer Service Committee, instructors and students will only be required to have Vancouver Coastal Health Photo Identification in certain areas.

Instructors and students will be expected to wear their school identification, preferably ID with a photo, with the exception of nursing school programs preparing RNs, LPNs, RPNs  who have placements in Coastal sites (Lions Gate Hospital, Sea to sky corridor, Powell River, etc.) and need access to medication carts.

If a student already has a photo ID issued from one of the four health authorities (Fraser Health, Provincial Health Services, Providence Health Care, or Vancouver Coastal Health) the card can be used and programmed at all four health authorities.  The student can keep and use the card until they graduate from their program.  Once they have graduated from the program, the card is to be returned to the Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services.

There are generic cards available on the units for students requiring access to locked areas.

Photo ID Application Procedure for Lions Gate Hospital & Coastal Sites

Lions Gate Hospital

  • Nursing school instructors/coordinators can email VCH Photo ID with thePhoto ID request form along with the school's electronic picture for any student going to Lions Gate Hospital where medication cart access is needed.

  • Read these tips onhow to take an appropriate photo for ID

  • The Manager does not need to give authorization for students.  

  • Photos will be sent to the Photo ID Processing Centre, where the Photo ID cards will be produced and returned to Security or Site Administration at the practicum location.

  • Completed ID's can be picked up 10 business days (Monday to Friday) after the application was submitted.

  • Student must produce a piece of government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Citizenship Card, etc.) to confirm identity.  School issued Student ID is not a sufficient form of identification

Medication Cart Access

Once the instructor/students obtains their Photo ID, instructors email the following information to

  • Instructor name and school

  • Student’s name

  • First 6 digits on the back of the Photo ID

  • Start and end dates of placement

Please do this at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee access to medication dispensing systems when the instructors and students arrive on site.

Generic cards for the medication carts are available for daily sign out from switchboard while the students are waiting for their Photo ID.  To be authorized to sign them out, instructors should email from their school email address to request being put on the list.

All questions or concerns in relation to Photo ID can be emailed to Student Practice Education.

Lions Gate Hospital Medication Cart Units

  • ICU

  • 2 East Cardiac

  • 3 East Pediatrics

  • 3 West Lab/Del

  • 4 East Acute Medicine

  • 4 West Sub Acute

  • 5 East Rehabilitation

  • 6 East General Surgery

  • 6 West  Ortho

  • 7 East Neuro

  • 7 West Palliative

Powell River General Hospital

  • Photos are taken on a per request basis and cards can be picked up at the Paladin Office located beside the Emergency Department

  • We encourage you to call ahead to Paladin Security at the site at (604) 677-3734 to see if they are available to take a photo

Sechelt Hospital and Sunshine Coast

  • Photos are taken on a per request basis and cards can be picked up at the Paladin Office located beside the Emergency Department at Sechelt Hospital, 5544 Sunshine Coast Highway.

  • We encourage you to call ahead to Paladin Security at the site at (604) 885-2224, extension 4777 to see if they are available to take a photo

Squamish General Hospital

Photos are taken and cards can be picked up at Administration Office, Squamish General Hospital, 38140 Behrner Drive.

Hours of Operation for Photo Capture and Photo ID Pick Up:

  • Monday to Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Thursday & Friday 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

  • Excluding Statutory Holidays

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