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Zoom accounts for students

All disciplines (except OT/PT)

If a student requires a separate Zoom account for their practicum placement at VCH to conduct virtual health visits, client interviews, or other meetings within VCH related to their project, they will need to email and cc’ their preceptor. Alternatively, the preceptor can also submit a request via email on behalf of their student.

In the request, please provide the following information:

  • Student’s first and last name

  • Placement start and end dates

  • Placement location (site/unit)

  • Preceptor’s contact information

  • Purpose:

    • Virtual client visits

    • Client interviews

    • Other _____

  • Will the student be conducting client visits independently of their preceptor?

  • How many participants will be in your Zoom meetings

If a student is completing their practicum at VCH and is a VCH employee at the same time, they may reuse their work Zoom account for practicum purposes.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy students

OT/PT students will be provided with a Zoom account separately by their VCH practicum coordinator.

Medical Students

To request a Zoom account, medical students need to submit the regular request form for care providers on the intranet.

Co-op Students

VCH Student Practice only processes requests for health sciences-related student placements arranged through HSPnet. if you are a paid Co-op student, please apply for a Zoom account using the regular request form for care providers on the intranet.

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