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Rapid Access from your EMR

The CareConnect team has partnered with EMR vendors across the province to integrate a CareConnect button directly into your EMR, for one-click rapid access to CareConnect! Please check the chart below to see whether access is available for your clinic yet, depending on who your EMR vendor is and whether your clinic connects through the Private Physician Network (PPN) or through the open internet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you currently have CareConnect access through your Health Authority, some additional enrolment steps will be needed to enable you to launch CareConnect from your clinic's EMR.  To set up your clinic, click the button: 

Request access to CareConnect

*The CareConnect Rapid Access integration will work with any OSCAR Service Provider that is part of OSCAR BC, including Juno EMR, MPeer, Open OSP, and WELL Health.


The CareConnect team is actively working with various partners and stakeholders to introduce additional valuable clinical information in CareConnect to support patient care. Stay tuned!

CareConnect is a provincial system managed by PHSA, and is deployed at no cost to clinics/worksites or providers.

Up until recently, CareConnect access was restricted to only clinics who were on the Private Physician Network (PPN). As of January 2021, the CareConnect team is excited to announce that access has been expanded to include CareConnect over the internet! As a result of the technical changes required for this expansion, the EMR vendors will need to make changes to their existing Rapid Access functionality – which was designed specifically for PPN-only use at the time – to allow internet-based users to connect.


The CareConnect team is actively working with EMR vendors to complete the work required for their products, and vendors marked as "in progress" on the chart above have confirmed that they are currently making the necessary changes. Vendors not yet marked as "in progress" may still be in the earlier stages of planning their implementations. Check with your vendor directly for more details.

If you are on the internet, your EMR vendor must make updates before you can use the botton designed for PPN sites. Your EMR vendor will update you when this has been completed, or check back on this page for updates.


Your EMR vendor will update you when this has been completed. Check back on this page for updates.

Note: When CareConnect Rapid Access is available for your EMR, you will need to complete additional enrolment steps  to enable you to launch CareConnect from your clinic's EMR.   To set up your clinic, click the button:

Request access to CareConnect

Our initiative offers streamlined and quicker access to CareConnect, as it can be launched directly from a web browser or your EMR. This means fewer clicks/steps to log in, in comparison to accessing CareConnect remotely through your existing Health Authority set up. You’ll be able to go from viewing a patient in your EMR, to seeing that patient’s information in CareConnect in seconds, with no additional patient search needed.


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