Advisory Committees

The voice of the community

Advisory Committees

These committees provide us with feedback on a range of topics including palliative care, patient safety, mental health, chronic diseases and much more.  All our active committees are listed below.

Want to get involved?

Interested in joining one of the committees? Visit the Join Us page for more information. Patient and Public Advisors' HandbookThis handbook is designed to support members of the public in their role as advisors in health care services. It includes an overview of advisory committees and information on what to expect, how to prepare for meetings, the role of the public on advisory committees, effecting change and more...

Active committees

1. VCH Regional Palliative Care Community Reference Committee

This committee supports the development and implementation of a new hospice, palliative, and end-of-life care strategies. It is made up of nine members of the public, from a diverse range of communities in our region, who meet quarterly with Vancouver Coastal Health staff.

2. CIBC Centre for Patients and Families Advisory Committee

The CIBC Centre for Patients and Families, at Vancouver General Hospital VGH), provides access and referrals to health care related information and community resources for people services at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and the Diamond Healthcare Centre. The Centre for Patients and Families has an Advisory Committee of staff and public members who meet quarterly, to ensure the centre meets the public’s needs.

3. The VCH Regional Patient Safety Advisory Council

This council champions change in patient care, highlighting a culture of patient safety in Vancouver Coastal Health and its partner organizations. Staff and leadership sit on this committee, as well as members of the public and representatives from related organizations, such as the College of Registered Nurses of BC and health care unions.

4. Vancouver Community Mental Health Services Family Advisory Committee

It provides input on policy and services for mental health programs. It includes 15 family members, two mental health consumers and 10 staff. This committee is open to any member of the public who has a family member with a mental illness who lives in Vancouver. 

5. Vancouver Community Mental Health Services Special Advisory Committee

This committee provides input on policy and services for mental health programs from the perspective of mental health consumers. Members come from the Consumer Advisory Committees in the local mental health teams of Vancouver (Consumer Advisory Committees are open to any client of the team). 

6. VCH-Richmond Patient Safety Committee

This committee provides leadership and guidance for the promotion of safe patient care within VCH-Richmond. The committee has developed Patient Safety Goals and engages staff throughout the organization. A member of the public and staff from VCH-Richmond sit on this committee.

7. VCH-Richmond Medication Safety Committee

This committee works to improve safe practice in medication delivery and implement strategies to reduce the harm that can be caused by medications. One member of the public and VCH-Richmond staff sit on this committee.

8. VCH-Richmond Acute Operational Committees:

  • Medical Services Committee
  • Surgical Services Committee
  • Emergency Department Patient Experience Committee
  • Critical Care Services Committee
  • Women and Children Services Committee 

These operational committees of are department-focused and have as their primary focus the ongoing service delivery and care provision of patients within Richmond Hospital. A member of the public sits on each of these committees.

9. Garratt Wellness Centre Stakeholder Group

This group advises the Garratt Wellness Centre, home to an number of community partnerships focusing on the prevention and management of chronic diseases. The group is composed of representatives from Richmond-VCH public health, acute, and continuing care services, City of Richmond Parks & Recreation, local and provincial social and health agencies, neighbours and other members of the public.