St. James Cottage Hospice

St. James Cottage Hospice

St. James Cottage Hospice is located in a historic building, located in Burrard View Park on North Penticton Street in Vancouver. Opened in May 1999, it offers 10 private rooms in a warm homelike environment.

The hospice features a large dining room, a spacious atrium, and a comfortable living room. Overlooking the Georgia Strait, it offers a peaceful, tranquil setting within the city.

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The St. James Cottage Hospice video will provide general information and is designed to help you and your loved ones understand some of the options available for end-of-life hospice care. The video is available in English, Cantonese and Punjabi.

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Philosopy of care Hospice care refers to physical, emotional, and spiritual care offered to people who are living with or dying from advanced illness. The focus of care at St. James Cottage Hospice is on providing comfort and improving quality of life.
Health services

Staffed 24 hours a day with registered nurses and care aides, with the addition of licensed practical nurses during the day. A social worker is available to help residents and families access resources and meet their psychosocial needs.

Hospice physicians visit daily throughout the week and are on-call on the weekend.

We work closely with other health professionals such as physiotherapists and social workers in the Home Hospice Program. There are also a number of volunteers available to provide companionship and support.

Mobility equipment/aids Accessible to wheelchairs and walkers.
Community amenities Close to local grocers, coffee shops, and community facilities.
Furnishings Each room is equipped with a hospital bed, telephone and television.
Food service Three full meals are prepared daily along with snacks and access to beverages.
Housekeeping & laundry Housekeeping and laundry are provided.
Personal belongings There is limited space to store personal belongings but residents are encouraged to bring items they need and to personalize their rooms.
Cost As mandated by the Ministry of Health Services, hospice residents are charged a flat minimum monthly rate. If your stay is less than the full month, the amount that you pay will be prorated. If you or your family are unable to afford this fee, your financial situation can be assessed to see if you qualify for a temporary rate reduction.
Safety & security features Located in a secured building. Visitors and guests check in at the nurses’ station.
Visiting hours There are no fixed visiting hours. Your family and friends are welcome to be with you as long as you wish.
Visitor parking

Parking is available.

Language, culture or religious affiliation The facility’s population is multicultural and English is predominantly the spoken language.

We can arrange for spiritual support for various denominations, or you may invite your own spiritual advisor to visit you as you wish.
Smoking policy Smoking is permitted in a designated area. Common areas and private rooms are smoke-free.
Pet policy We cannot accommodate pets to stay however pet visits can be arranged.
Restrictions None.